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NOTIONERY services

Optimize your teams operations, with Notion

Sometimes templates aren’t enough. We’ll custom-build workspaces and automated workflows so your team can get the most out of Notion.

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Some of our Notion superpowers

Workspace setup
Information architecture, relational databases, and functional and personal dashboards
Workflow automations
We'll set up automations using Zapier, Automate, and APIs that will save your team valuable time.
Data migration
Wiki → from Confluence, Slab etc.
Data → from Airtable, GSuite
Docs → GSuite, Microsoft
Notion Training
We'll train and onboard your team on Notion, helping your organization take full advantage of all of its features.

Work with Certified Notion Consultants that’ve delivered 67 projects for 55 clients (and counting).

In partnership with Optemization

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